elke orange




„Who is Elke-Orange?“

Good question!
There are days even Elke doesn’t know. Today is one of there days.
I suggest you best pop-in some other day....

Rumours about Elke:

Height: 174 cm (approx.)
Weight: less than estimated
Eyes: blue
Hair: changes according to mood
Sex: o (other)
Flirtfactor: 100% - anytime
Ingredients: 50% Zink, 50% Winkler (her Gods)
Place of Birth: it’s believed to be ConnetiCAT – however this is mere hear-say
Occupation: this and that – once scarffolder – now Dioramabuilder („living in a box“)

All rights reserved for Marko Zink and Gerd Winkler, 2004 ongoing
Elke-Orange is a registered trademark.