elke orange




breakfast at tiffany's
if you really love me
you should bring me edelweiß
her name was Alice
good luck
a view to a kill
first Bambi on the moon
Missing unicorn - if you see it, you are probably high.
chicken run
Alice is not invited
keep on running Babe!
Mary had a little lamb
who cooked Bambi?
Bambi gone to heaven
Bambi stops in Berlin
prefering sunburn to burnout
kissing to be clever (w2w)
kissing to be clever m2m
kissing to be clever (m2w)
never change a winning horse
tresspassers will be shot!
save your nuts!
to the sea to the sea to the beautiful sea
when the cat's away

never blame the cat

birds of a feather flock together
just one kiss
damn! I wish I had stripes
same grass - same shit everyday
killing me softly
Bambi director's cut
a tribute to the queen
the dark side of flipper



Das ORIGINAL mit eingebauter Handorgel

Ice Ice Baby Vol.2
Ice Ice Baby Vol.1